February 7, 2024
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In an exciting turn of events, the Pan American Taekwondo Union has announced the allocation of Wild Cards for the upcoming Pan American Taekwondo Championships in the kids, cadet, junior, and senior categories.

For the senior Pan American G4 Championships to take place in Brazil in May, direct quotas will be awarded to all champions (1st place) of the President's Cup, scheduled from March 14 to 17 in Costa Rica.

But the news doesn't end there. PATU has also decided to extend the wild cards to the talented kids, cadet and junior competitors by offering spots for the Cadet and Junior Pan American Championships in Querétaro, Mexico. These will be granted to athletes securing the first and second place in the President's Cup.

"We are committed to the development and promotion of taekwondo in all its categories. The allocation of Wild Cards not only recognizes the hard work of the athletes but also enhances Pan-American events by having the best in each category and division, thereby consolidating the quality of our sport throughout the Pan-American region," stated López Delgado.

The President's Cup has solidified its position as a crucial event in the taekwondo calendar in the region, attracting top competitors from across the Americas. This tournament will not only determine who takes home the coveted trophy but also who will have the privilege of representing their countries in upcoming Pan-American championships.

With these Wild Cards, the Pan American Taekwondo Union reaffirms its commitment to the sport's development, providing opportunities for emerging talents and ensuring a vibrant future for taekwondo in the region.

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