septiembre 15, 2022
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PATU Press – The Pan American Taekwondo Union will settle a historical debt with the continental taekwondo family in the unprecedented acts that will take place in the framework of the Gala Dinner at the Cabañas Cultural Institute in Jalisco, Mexico, next November 12, where in addition to awarding the most outstanding of 2022, the first generation of personalities will be exalted to the Hall of Fame of America.

A team of highly qualified jurors is already working on the designation of the first names of the great list of personalities to be highlighted in more than half a century of taekwondo history in the continent:

“It is important for America to know the great effort PATU is making in finalizing details of the regulations of our Hall of Fame, for which we have had the contribution of masters of great trajectory, as well as journalists and people with proven work within the Pan American Taekwondo Union,”

noted the Lae. Juan Manuel Lopez, president of PATU.

Under this context, PATU has established to honor in the first edition of the Hall of Fame in the following lines: Lifetime trajectory, officials and/or directors, referees, and male and female athletes.

The time of retirement, having maintained an impeccable ethical and moral conduct throughout his sports and martial career, having proven work within PATU throughout his career, are some of the parameters that, together with his sports resume, will weigh for the designation to the Hall of Fame of America.

“It is a hard work that we are starting this year, but it is something that fills us with great happiness to be able to publicly recognize publicly and in life those who have written the golden pages of the history of our Olympic taekwondo,”

continued Lopez Delgado.

In addition to the awards to the most outstanding of 2022 and the first generation of exalted to the Hall of Fame of America, PATU will grant in the framework of the Gala Dinner, a series of special recognitions to some personalities of Pan American taekwondo, as well as to the three world champions native of Jalisco, Mexico, such as Uriel Adriano, Paula Fregoso and Guillermo Cortes.

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