octubre 12, 2022
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PATU Press – A group of 110 participants from 17 countries that combine experience and youth, give life to the 117th International Kyorugi Referee Seminar and the 131st Kyorugi Referee Referee Refresher Course, lectures that will take place until October 11 in the Colombian city of Sogamoso, Colombia, in the framework of the continental events that will host this South American country until the 18th of this month.

The Pan American Taekwondo Union has developed a joint work with the Colombian Taekwondo Federation, and with the support of the Education Department of World Taekwondo, to give this Seminar and Refresher Course to the new blood of refereeing in the continent.

“It is necessary for the Panamerican Union and for WT to have new referees and that they are given the opportunity to participate in the Open events of the Panamerican area, so that they can be trained little by little”, reflects the LAE. Juan Manuel López Delgado, president of PATU, who after his international tour in South Korea, connected with Colombia to watch over the good development of all the events of the Continental and South American Circuit.

“People think that being an international referee is easy, but it is not.  It is a profession of effort, work, permanent study, and why not to say it, that merits a great economic expense. But I also believe that it is of great satisfaction, for example, it gave me the opportunity to be an Olympic referee in my country”, continued the maximum leader of taekwondo in America.

Lopez Delgado thanked the support PATU has with the presence of Kai Seung Hwan Ko, assistant director of Education of WT, as well as all the speakers present.

“Finishing this course, prior that they approve, we will start inviting them to international events. It is a very important moment we are living in the area and we need new referees, new blood,” he reiterated.

Master René “Cito” Forero, president of the Colombian Taekwondo Federation, expressed his joy and commitment as organizer of the Pan American events in Sogamoso, Colombia: “there are 110 judges from 17 countries, this gives us great happiness because it is a nice opportunity to be organizers of an event that is elementary in the educational program of PATU and WT”.

On her part, Amely Mora (USA), WT referee chairman, said: “I thank you on behalf of the Pan American area for having you all here, the effort of each one is valued, this is something that has to be given very often, it is important to have this type of course because it is something elementary for training. I hope that the participants take advantage of being here and that they become multipliers of the information throughout the region.

This October 12, the actions of the I Pan American Children’s Championship begin, later, from 13 to 14, the excitement of the Pan American Open Children’s Championship will be experienced, as a prelude to the main event, the Colombia Open category G2 to the World Taekwondo ranking.

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