agosto 27, 2022
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PATU Press – As part of the Pan American Taekwondo Union’s strategies and macro plans to develop taekwondo in the region in all areas, the PATU 12 Program will be unveiled in the coming days.

This long-term project, which contemplates three management periods, will include a series of actions in the administrative, refereeing, education, technical, logistical and organizational aspects, and above all, the development of taekwondo in the next twelve years.

“This program will be presented in the coming days by PATU Secretary General Mario Mandel and myself,” announced GM Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado, president of the Pan American Union.

“The intention with this program is none other than to promote the Panamerican Union to the first places in all areas worldwide,” reiterated the leader, attached to the discourse of “uniting wills to work and work for taekwondo in the region”.

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