noviembre 13, 2022
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PATU Press – The Pan American Taekwondo Union wrote its new history this November 12 with the celebration of the first Gala Dinner and in it, the first induction of personalities to the Hall of Fame of America, unprecedented events in almost half a century of this organization that, in the opinion of its president, LAE. Juan Manuel López Delgado, is just beginning its journey to the pinnacle of success.

“It was undoubtedly a night that marked the new history of Pan American taekwondo with our first Gala Dinner and the first induction of personalities into the PATU Hall of Fame. After almost 50 years of history, we witnessed the payment of a debt of recognition to the protagonists, authors and great exponents and builders with their work, mystique and professionalism of all that the Pan American Taekwondo Union represents”, explains the leader.

In 2014, on the occasion of the Grand Prix Final in Queretaro, Mexico, Lopez Delgado, by then president of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, organized the first World Taekwondo Gala Dinner.

“At that time we made history and now in 2022 we take a solid step, with a lot of responsibility, leadership and the support of the National Federations of the continent, to materialize this project that will be perpetuated in time as a window to immortalize the lifetime contribution of the great figures of taekwondo in the Americas, in addition to recognizing year after year the great work of all those who make life in the pursuit of the Olympic dream.”

The also vice president of World Taekwondo had words of gratitude with all the personalities attending the 2022 Gala at the Hospicio Cultural Cabañas de Guadajalara.

“I want to express my gratitude and public recognition to the WT authorities present in this majestic and emblematic scenario: to its president Dr. Choue, to the Council Members, as well as to all the representatives of the Continental Unions and of course to the PATU Board of Directors, all its members, presidents and representatives of the National Federations for accompanying us and believing in this project,” he said.

In his speech before the audience that united several generations of the history of Pan American and World Taekwondo, Lopez Delgado reiterated that “in this new management of PATU we have established a direct communication with our athletes, coaches, referees and leaders, in order to establish a bond of trust and support that suppresses with actions, deeds and progress, all the gaps and injustices of the past”.

Likewise, he reiterated that PATU has woven solid international relations with WT, Kukkiwon, PanamSports and all the organizations of the Olympic Movement in the continent.

“All this panorama augurs a highly positive outlook in the start of this macro project that we have called PATU 12 and with which we aspire to take the continent to the pinnacle of success in all areas.”

“My final words are congratulations to all the honorees for their dedication in 2022, and especially to the first inductees to the Hall of Fame, who have made taekwondo an apostolate and today have been immortalized for their feats,” he said.

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