diciembre 8, 2022
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PATU Press – Mexican Daniela Souza became the first athlete from America to win a taekwondo world championship in the women’s Flyweight division, a result achieved in Guadalajara 2022 during the tournament that took place at the Metropolitan Aquatic Center in November.

Her feat made her join a very select group of great legends of world taekwondo who have won at least one world championship in this division since the debut of women in this competition, held for the first time in Barcelona 1987.

Here is a review of the winners of this division in the 18 World Championships held in the last 35 years:

Barcelona 1987 (Fly -47kg)

Pai Yun-Yao – China Taipei

Seúl 1989 (Fly -47kg)

Woon Sun Yin – Corea del Sur

Atenas 1991 (Fly -47kg)

Arzu Tan – Turquía

New York 1993 (Fly -47kg)

You Su-mi – Corea del Sur

Manila 1995 (Fly -47kg)

Hamide Bıkçın –  Turquía

Hong Kong 1997 (Fly -47kg)

Chi Shu-ju – China Taipei

Edmonton 1999 (Fly -51kg)

Chi Shu-ju – China Taipei

Jeju 2001 (Fly -51kg)

Lee Hye-young – Corea del Sur

Garmisch-Partenkirchen 2003 (Fly -51kg)

Lee Ji-hye – Corea del Sur

Madrid 2005 (Fly -51kg)

Wang Yin – China

Beijing 2007 (Fly -51kg)

Brigitte Yagüe – España

Copenhaguen 2009 (Fly -49kg)

Brigitte Yagüe – España

Gyeongju 2011 (Fly – 49kg)

Wu Jingyu – China

Puebla 2013 – (Fly -49kg)

Chanatip Sonkham – Tailandia

Chelyabinsk 2015 – (Fly -49kg)

Min ah Ha – Corea del Sur

Muju 2017 (Fly -49kg)

Vanja Stanković – Serbia

Manchester 2019

Panipak Wongpattanakit – Tailandia

Guadalajara 2022 (Fly -49kg)

Daniela Souza – México

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